Excel Addin development with Google API

Excel Addin development with Google API


Job Description


I am working on Visual Studio with VB.net, and I have a project which I started working on for myself. The problem is that I am busy with some more projects so i am looking forward for a long team, seasoned, responsible, and awesome programmer with the following skills.

1) Excellent VB.net skills
2) Visual Studio
3) Addin-express.com if possible
4) Must have developed Excel addins earlier (if you are good with VBA you shold be able to handle this)
5) Must know or have experience in implementing Google APIs in Excel applications. Must be familar about thing like oAuth, xml, reading and writing files in cells etc
6) Clickonce deployment
7) Implementing the simple licensing with tings like cryptocart (library extension for licensing in VS projects)

Once I finalize that you are good to go then I will work with you with the things we will need to do. I would ideally like you to work on my PC via some arrangement like remote access etc as I already have all the licenses that are required to perform the development.

I am looking for someone to start asap and someone who has good and reliable feedback on odesk o far.

Many Thanks

Skills: .net, visual-basic.net