Christian Online Tutor

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Job Description

To assist us as parents in providing a warm, nurturing, Christ-centered, safe and loving environment in which our children can grow physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. (Female preferred)

Models Behavior
• Lives the Christian faith
• Relates joyfully and sensitively to children

• Smiles, laughs, uses a pleasant voice

• Prays with and for others

• Acknowledges and respects others’ feelings

• Works cooperatively with others

• Compliments good behavior and manages inappropriate behavior

• Encourages positive relationships

Provides Assistance
Interacts with, initiates and encourages child in daily homework activities
Plans learning activities
Helps control behavior using a Christ-centered, positive, consistent approach
Helps child grow to become independent
Help build confidence and understanding of the course
Help student to develop their study skills
Act as a point of contact for students' queries
Take part in audio and video conferencing using skype, or facetime, whiteboards etc.
Conduct 'virtual classrooms' (classes conducted through web technology)
Assess students' work and give feedback.
Work without supervision, determine priorities

Key Skills
Math, Algebra, Geometry, Science, Writing, Bible, and Music
Good IT skills, and sufficient bandwidth (upload: 100kbps / download: 100kbps)
An interest in new technological developments
Enthusiasm about the subjects
The ability to motivate students
The ability to communicate clearly and tactfully
Good organizational skills.
Keeps record of observations related to child’s development, and behavior
Maintains good communication

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