"How To" eBook Authors Needed

"How To" eBook Authors Needed


Job Description

"How To" eBook Authors Needed - various topics, such as Dating, Health, Finances, Food, etc.

You will be credited as the author (if you want), in order to build your resume and credibility within your field.

IN YOUR REPLY, please answer these 2 questions:

1. Which subject are you most knowledgeable about?

- We are looking for EVERYDAY experts in various topics. Tell us which subjects you are most proficient in.

2. What have you already written in the field? Please attach samples.

NOTE: Native-English speaking authors are needed. You are writing for a predominantly English-speaking audience, who are very knowledgeable and who will not accept poorly written material. Neither will we.

RATE (negotiable):
$150 or more per 10,000 words (depending on the topic & expertise)
.50 per image (if hand-drawn/created by you) so if you have 20 images (or diagrams) you would get $10

also need:
- 100+ word about expert section - tell us about yourself in the form of "About the Author" (in 3rd person)
- 300+ word book/topic description

- Your name will appear on the front of the book
- Your name will also be on the end of the book in "About the Expert" section which builds your credibility as an expert in your field.
- Plus, we will allow you to put one website link in the "About the Expert" section (at the end of the book) so people can visit your website, blog, Youtube, or Facebook page to contact you for further info.

Please note: we are first hiring for a TEST BOOK, in order to make sure you fit in with our team. We are looking for a long-term partner, and a Test Book is the only way we can adequately judge if you will be the right author for us. For the first Test Book, payment will be $20-45 (depending on length, subject matter, and quality). After that, payments for further books will be at a minimum of $150, up to $400, again depending on length, quality, etc.

Skills: academic-writing, writing

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