IOS - POS project


Job Description

We intend to develop a new project for Kuwait market. The project is like:

Same features but with some differences:
1- They offer a swipe card for credit cards. And we don’t need this. We have in Kuwait a payment Network called “K-net” - - they offer a web portal for payment. We will provide you the code and the link later on.
2- They offer tax calculation in the app. And we don’t have tax in Kuwait.
3- Payment method we need in the app is Cash and K-net portal as in point no. 1
4- Sleek design like There app is wonderful design and have all the features we want. Like for example how to add the items for sell and the photos for the items. And how it sends the invoice to the customer email or prints it out.

All other features are needed like in app and web site.
The project is needed on IPad, IPhone

I need how much this project will cost me. And how long it takes to be developed.

Please let me know if you need any extra details