OpenVPN MacOS Client

OpenVPN MacOS Client


Job Description

Three Monkeys International is an international organization that builds cutting edge web services and ensure sustainable revenues with independent developers. We place human within the nuclei of business framework. Our company has no shareholder and all the profits are being redistributed between company staff and contracting partners.

One of our partnering companies is entitled (available at and provides internet security solutions such as VPN or proxy. They are interesting to work with as they provide edge-cutting prices, state-of-the-art support and really wide array of payment methods from SMS to OTC solutions and Bitcoins. has developed a software called Safejumper. It is coded in Delphi through Lazarus IDE. It basically consists of being a cross-platform client for OpenVPN. It is available for download at (Windows) or (Linux).

This project consists of receiving the full current source code of Safejumper (Delphi/Lazarus). From there, you may or not use it in order to build a MacOS version of Safejumper which has the exact same features including but not limited to interacting with API, allowing the port selection, fixing DNS leak (changing the OS DNS settings) and auto-connect when using an insecure WiFi network.

The application will have to be minimalistic yet with compact and beautiful GUI. It should come in a .dmg or .pkg installer. It should automatically install openvpn libraries. Finally, it should be properly signed by verified developer so that it can run without tweaking MacOS security settings. (Pushing it to App Store will depend of whether it is really an opportunity to do so given the cost of a developer license and the sole application that will release on this platform)

The application should carefully have all features that Safejumper have. It is fetching IPs, server names and serverloads from PHP/XML API. It is testing ping with all IPs. It is connecting to them through OpenVPN protocol and provides various options (don't hesitate to try Safejumper and check the menus and etc.).


1) Please show us your best MacOS application.

2) Please tell us how many hours you can fully complete and deliver working Safejumper on MacOS.

3) Please tell us if you will use the Delphi code or develop fully as the way you see it in any language you wish, and if so, why (we are fine with both ways, actually for MacOS objective C might be more useful than Delphi).

4) Finally, please tell us a deadline/date of delivery.

We are looking forward to seeing your applications.