Front-end UI & UX designer-developer- photoshop, protoyping, JS, CSS, HTML5

Front-end UI & UX designer-developer- photoshop, protoyping, JS, CSS, HTML5


Job Description

We're seeking a reliable, conscientious and competent senior UI designer-developer for, an innovative HTML5 mobile web app that matches members by compatibility, location and schedule and sends them actual in-person dates.

MiniDates uses a sophisticated, proprietary people and schedule-matching platform, developed in the latest open-source trends: HTML5, various JS libraries including Backbone.js, Python, Tornado, & MongoDB.

MiniDates launched over a year ago to critical acclaim. We have thousands on a mailing list we haven't even leveraged yet. We're hungry to grow the user base, expand cities, get press and possibly seek funding - and to do so we need dev help to get critical features and capabilities in place! We urgently need to implement a few features, and we need your help!

We're seeking a talented fron-end designer-developer to join our team and help lead and accelerate development. You should know your way around Photoshop, image optimization, UI prototyping tools, JS, HTML5 and CSS as well as Github and working in a professional development environment.

We currently have one back-end dev, a product lead/owner, and some UAT-style QA testers in the NYC region in the US, and a competent front-end dev in the Czech republic. We do remote team management through Skype. The project is managed in a private Github repo: /Beverlywmay

Why work on this? The project and subject matter are fun and design-rich, your work will DEFINITELY be used on a live production environment by real users that you can showcase in a portfolio, and there's huge potential in this market with recent competitors growing users fast and gaining substantial funding.

Here's what you'd be working on:
1. Simplify the front-end flow by fixing some known UX and UI issues
2. Explore a full rebranding initiative with a new logo and design elements for MiniDates
3. Explore a full rebranding initiative as "GT" or Getogethers
4. Help map out new flows in Axure or Indesign
5. Help build video prototypes with music, voiceovers and full-screen functionality in Photoshop, Camtasia and Axure
6. Help design, prototype and Develop the UI for Android and then IoS apps
7. Optimize our landing page

Our goal is to get updated brand, UI and mobile apps out by December 1.

Responsibilities include:
* designing logos, icons, assets, layouts and design elements in Photoshop and exporting optimized components for web delivery
* prototyping and wireframing in InDesign, Axure
* implementing design changes in front-end UI with HTML5, CSS, JS in a professional dev environment
* creating video prototypes in Camtasia and Photoshop
* proactive and thoughtful- ability to work from partial specs and incomplete Stories, and to ask questions when necessary
* carefulness, pride and attentiveness with your own code. Testing your own UI code thoroughly BEFORE pushing to Dev.

Technical Requirements
* 3+ years of extensive professional experience in HTML, CSS & JavaScript
* 5+ years of extensive professional experience in front end visual design and UX design. Fluent in Photoshop
* Some background with shell scripting (bash, make, sed)
* 3+ years working in a professional development environment
* Proficient in prototyping applications like InDesign and Axure
* Bonus: experience with any of the following: PhoneGap, IoS and Objective C, Java and Android OS, video demos,

Non-Technical Requirements:
* Outstanding communication skills in English
* Insane, careful attention to detail
* Awesome design portfolio with great design sense
*Ability to work quickly and with minimal errors and almost no supervision
* willingness and ability to accurately communicate your and the project's status on a daily and weekly basis
* Experience doing self-QA and in leading technical QA on your UI on multiple environments or with CrossBrowserTesting. The code you submit should render and work- because you've already tested it yourself.
* Be a quick study!
* Decent at estimating your projects -time & deadlines


We will ask you to perform our code test JS and submit a portfolio of designed sites/ apps/ projects as well as some code samples for JS, HTML5 and CSS if we get to the next level of interviews.