Revise the poorly written memo below(Business writing class)

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Job Description

Store: Unkown
From : Unkown
Sent 10/19/2012
Subject : Payroll

This is the second non compliant email I'm sending your store today and its only 930 am. Who is managing this store???? Pay attention and get results. Who forgot to get me payroll last night I need it as soon as you open by phone not email. I can't leave to do my job this morning until I get this number. So do your job so I can do mine.

Grading system.
1 Courteous
2 positive
3. You view
4. Familiar and Precise Language
5. Concise
6. -2 clich'e ending

1. Proper heading
2. Handwritten Initials
3. 1" to 1.5" Margins
4. Single spaced
5. Proper Spacing Between Heading& Memo
6. Proper Notations

1. Spelling
2. Grammar
3. Punctuation
4. Capitalization

Skills: grammar

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