Food Game iOS/Android Cross Platform Project


Job Description

Dear Prospective Developer,

My name is Sean and I am representing Fresh Squeezed Apps. We are excited to finish a project with an accomplished and professional development company. Our project is related to a Food Maker type game, examples of which can be found below:!/id506247713?mt=8!-fizztastic-free/id523111444?mt=8!-by-bluebear/id537624020?mt=8

We are looking for a developer that has experience in intuitive and flexible design. Experience with cross platform SDKs such as Corona or Unity is highly preferred. Although not required, a full development team (graphics + sound) is also preferred. Graphics have already been mostly completed.

Additionally, the following is a list of what we are looking for in a developer:

1. Professional Development - We only expect a clean, bug-free experience for our customers, and place great value and importance in an app running smoothly.
2. Excellent Communication - The developer must be attentive and effective at communicating with our team in order for a quality product to be developed.
3. Reasonable Punctuality - Although we realize that development can have bumps along the way, a schedule is important and should be adhered to as closely as possible.
4. Knowledgeable Experience - The developer's experience should be easily distinguishable, and their input on the project is greatly considered and expected.

Before sharing more project details, we require some things from you:

- Response with a name, and relevant experience. Links to your best apps (free are best, as we aim to download and test them out!)
- THE CODE WORD "FSA" on top of the message. This part is very important; it shows us you are not a bot, and more importantly, shows that you have read/understood this message and can communicate attentively!
- A preliminary estimate on magnitude of work required to complete the project.

We will respond very shortly with a project outline and flow sheet. At this time we will also discuss our budget, milestones and the time frame of project completion. We appreciate your interest in our project, and hope to speak with you soon!


Sean Moon
Fresh Squeezed Apps Team

Skills: graphics, test, computer-science