Programming Expert for Desktop Application (C++/C#/

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Job Description

I have a new project and the details and instructions are given in a video I created.

The software or application I want created is as simple as the example I give below:

1. Once I lauch the application. it will load facebook login page.
(I must be able to open a few of this application at the same time. maybe its called multi-threaded)
2. Let's say I open two of this applications and login into account A and in another, account B.
3. The application will be logged in and need to stay logged in.
(Sometimes. some sites has timed-out features etc.)
4. Both the accounts will wait for messages to these accounts. as soon as any of them receives a message, the application will be initiated to reply and send an automated reply and continue to wait for a next message.

That's all. The actual project is based on another site but very similar to this idea & process.

Thanks. Please message me if you can handle the above task.


Skills: software-development, systems-programming, internet-applications, application-design, video, facebook