need this done in 2 hours

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

Create an ASP.NET web forms web application using C# in visual studio that displays a favorite color, while displaying a list of unselected colors.
User Stories (Requirements from the user's standpoint)
1. As a user visiting the page, I can select my favorite color from a selection of 7 colors.
2. As a user who's selected a color, I can see my color choice declared in a “My favorite color is {color name}” heading at the top of the page.
3. As a user who's selected a color, I can see the unselected colors listed on the page.
Colors to use:
• Red
• Orange
• Yellow
• Green
• Blue
• Indigo
• Violet
Technical Requirements
1. Colors must be loaded from a separate file within the web application, such as XML, JSON, Text, or SqlExpress.
2. Layout should be consistent with modern web standards, such as:
• HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are in separate files.
• HTML validates according to the DOCTYPE.
• All HTML is used semantically (paragraphs in paragraph tags, tabular data in table tags, emphasized test in em tags, etc.).