DB front/back-end webbased GUI developement

DB front/back-end webbased GUI developement


Job Description

Relational DB Expert with GUI developement experience.

The focus is on DB GUI developement in a flexible and scalable way for internal and external users.

The overall idea is to build from scratch and market a database of business data. The data structures arent overly complex and I have a good understanding of SQL, relational modelling and databases myself, so that I can model the data and get it set up in a DB. What I am missing is the experience in fast, flexible and scalable GUI design to feed and maintain the data. Unfortunately, I currently also do not have the time to just learn it by myself.

In terms of DB platform, I am flexible, but do have a preference for OpenSource (MySQL, postgreSQL etc.). At best, you would know a decent GUI developement framework for the platform of choice already.

Some example for the GUIs/forms that need to be built:
* data entry/maintenance form(s) for internal users/data editor
* data self-entry/maintenance form(s) for external users incl. a validation step for the internal data editor
* permissioning screen which roles is allowed to modify which data
* search forms
* etc.