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I need a few small changes to the logo attached.


- I see that you made the the O a plate. i would like to keep it an O. reason being i wanted to make the fruit and juice come from inside the O. the bottom of the O should be showing with maybe some grape falling on top of the O. have the fruit and juice in front of the O on top like you have it here.

- The second level of grapes does not match the first bigger grapes. i like the bigger one, the smaller ones are not needed. the purple are not needed as well

- Have the fruit and juice closer together and more cohesive , there are little spots of white .

- Change the banner from green to gold and the outline of the banner to green

- Put an asterisk over the C in organic

- I do not like the font, can you make is a script font instead,

- The lettuce on the side does not match the fruit on the inside. can you change the animated lettuce to more of a realistic feel

- There are realistic fruit mixed with animated fruit and the juice, it does not flow well. can you do one or the other

- A gold trim around the O

- Do you have a better illustration of some juice? i like the juice idea but this one looks more like beer

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