Looking for Dutch translators

Looking for Dutch translators


Job Description


We need content for a new website. The job will entail reading, paraphrasing and translating 'job descriptions' and related 'activities' from English to Dutch. We give you sources (both English and Dutch) and an excel sheet which provides detailed instructions. The most important part is the job description, which should be around 60-100 words for each job.

The whole job involves the translation of ~1000 items. We'll agree on several milestones containing 200 items each.

To select the best candidate we ask a sample of the work. Please use the excel sheet attached, create the sample text for 4 items and fill all other columns.

Please provide an estimate of the time involved with each item.

Automatic translations via software or online translators will not be accepted. Text will be checked automatically against online source to prevent copying.

Skills: english