PowerPivot for Excel developer-long term


Job Description

We are a consulting firm specializing in the development and implementation of business intelligence solutions.

To deploy our solutions we use parts of the Microsoft business intelligence stack consisting of: SQL Server Management Studio, Powerpivot (DAX), and Excel.

We are looking to engage a contractor on a long term basis to perform the following job requirements:
1) Develop DAX measures from Powerpivot table specified outcomes
2) Develop SQL views within various information system databases
3) Develop Visual Basic and Macro solutions to help automate various excel processes
4) Develop Powerpivot and Excel based business intelligence dashboards
5) Communicate via email or by skype periodically to discuss progress and project options

How to apply:
1) Prepare a cover letter outlining your skills, especially in the area of DAX measure development
2) Provide minimum 2-3 examples of solutions related to the job requirements
3) Provide minimum of 2-3 DAX formulas you have written and a brief example of the problems each formula solved

If you have a proven track record of successfully implementing solutions in this area, are an effective communicator and are passionate about developing business intelligence solutions, we are looking for you!

Skills: visual-basic, business-intelligence-tools