Hip Hop / Dance Background Music


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I'm creating a parody video based on a rap song I wrote. I used GarageBand (on my Macbook) and created a simple beat and recording of my lyrics. (It's at 120 bpm.) I need someone to help me make a professional sounding hip-hop/dance song out of it. Sample is attached.

The lyrics are a English/Chinese blend as it is for a festival that will be in China and U.S. The sample is just our first attempt. It can be better, but the final style will be like this. We're looking for a style similar to "Jizz in My Pants" song (you can youtube it)

The beat I created sounds like something from a cheap synthesizer. There are two breaks in the rap, and that's where I intend to insert in some vocals (performed by someone else). I'm looking for a musician/DJ who can turn this into a real song and provide me royalty-free file that I can open in Apple Logic Pro or GarageBand.

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