PHP developer (assistant Senior Developer) AM

PHP developer (assistant Senior Developer) AM


Job Description

Please read careful until the end. The right candidate will have a nice opportunity for fix work.

Your responsibilties:

- Help Senior Developer with developing ** EXISTING** code, fixing and improving **EXISTING** code and adding functionality to ** EXISTING** code.
- You know how to use classes and have strong analytical skills.
- Working hours > 7 hours per day during CET office time from Monday till Friday
- You have strong English and Communication skills and are able to process instructions intelligently.

Your qualifications:

- PHP at least 4 years experience in REAL projects
- HTML5, JQuery, Cross Browser CSS, JavaScript
- Strong English and Communication skills !!

** Please read BEFORE you apply **


- We will test your technical skills during the interview, so DO NOT LIE OR EXAGERATE your skills.

- You will not get a blank site to put quickly your code, you will need to develop using OUR coding standards.

Prefer candidates from small cities. We will contract you for one month proof period with a salary of 65 USD per week.

After one month we foresee a salary of 70 to 100 USD per week depending on your skills and your accomplishments.

Please do not waste my time or yours. DO NOT APPLY if you don't agree with the conditions and the salary.

HOW TO APPLY: send us your cv plus tell us in your application what is wrong with this query:

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Skills: english, test