Magento website development from PSD


Job Description

Hello, I am starting an e-commerce website and I want it to give my own look. I have designed a theme in PSD that I want in my website. I have chose Magento as the platform as I want the website to be multi-lingual (english and arabic).

The theme will have several sub-themes that will have different colors and are only linked to different collections, as we have several collections, for example clicking a particular brand will show that brand related theme only.

The pictures below (attached) are a sample of product page in different sub theme colors.. and i also have PSD available to send you.

I want a really high quality work, neatness and tidiness is a key!
I want the contractor (developer) to respect the deadlines and budget, once set will not be changed.

I want serious developers who want to work, not someone who wants to play around with the job.

you can ask me any questions you want


Skills: english

Open Attachment