Web Developer Recruiter

Web Developer Recruiter


Job Description

Brivin Corp is seeking for a Technical Recruiter to help us identify the best Web Developers on oDesk.com and other freelance networks. The ideal candidate is one who has been a Web Development Manager in the past and is capable of speaking in detail with prospective developers about functions, data structures, constructs, etc.

Our main goal is to assemble a team of developers with skills in the following programming technologies:

* Back End Development: LAMP (PHP/MYSQL)

FRAMEWORKS: CakePHP, CodeIgniter (CI), Zend, Symfony, YII
OPEN SOURCE: Joomla, Magento, Drupal, Wordpress
AJAX FRAMEWORKS: Prototype, JQuery, Yahoo UI Library

* Front End Development: HTML/CSS

We will ask you to contact potential candidates, perform an initial interview, conduct a more detailed Programming test project and then make recommendations to the hiring manager as to who should move forward in the process.

To apply for this job, please answer the following questions in your application. Please note that if you don't meet the above requirements or answer these questions, your application will be flagged as spam.

1) What are the top 3 questions you would ask a Web Developer to distinguish the GREAT developers from the good ones?

2) Please briefly describe your own level of expertise with Web Development.

3) Please briefly describe a technical screening process that you have used in the past and how/why it was effective in separating average candidates from exceptional candidates.

PS: When applying use as the E-mail subject: "Expert Technical Recruiter"

Compensation: Willing to negotiate.
Further details will be discussed during the interview.

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