Enviromental Wireless Sensors


Job Description

I am looking for a talented engineer(s) and software team that can build a wireless sensor system (detectors) that continually monitors environmental conditions like temperature, humidity, audio frequency, wind speed, weight and a few others. Each detectors will need to be ran off of battery power but I would also like to see it adaptable to other power solutions depending on the location of the detector. The collected data needs to be relayed to the internet to my AWS database. One idea is that the data will need to make connection not directly from detector(sensors) to the Internet, but to install a broadcasting station. The detectors will send data to the station not by SSL. And the station will send data to the Internet over SSL connection.

This detectors will to be fairly small and easy to set up. They will be located outdoors so it needs to hold up to extreme weather conditions.

The final product needs to be able to be replicated in the commercial market. So I am looking for a robust, high quality, reliable structure.

I have considered Arduino for the microcomputers for this project but don't feel that the detectors can be ready for full commercial production and the price is a lot higher.

For this project, I am expecting 2 to 3 completed devices that I can setup and test, well documented and detailed notes and blue prints of the final devices so that I can submit them for manufacturing.

Additional pieces of this project would include a website - I am leaning towards making it a Joomla component, modules and plugins, and an iOS/Andriod mobile app.

Additional information can be provided after a fully executed Confidentiality Agreement has been signed.

Payments will only be released upon successful and complete milestone achievements.