Web Content Wrtier / Blog Writer / Article Writer / Copywriter

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

Writer and research assistant required on an on-going basis for several website projects. The writer will be asked to write:

- Website Content
- Blog Articles
- Articles to appear on other websites
- Copywriter
- Forum Posts
- Blog Comments

In some cases the writer will be given an outline, point form notes and/or an audio dictation on what the content or article should be about and brief details on what approach should be used. That said, a writer who is willing to research and develop their own ideas is also highly desired.

For the most part the subject matter is fairly general and not overly technical, although in some cases some research will be needed in order to write a satisfactory article. In many of these cases however information will be provided to the writer ahead of time to aid the writer in writing the article.

Website content, posts, articles and copywriting will be based on but not limited to the follow topics:

- Website Development/Design
- WordPress
- Internet Marketing / SEO / Social Networking
- Topics related to Real Estate and website development, marketing, SEO etc.
- Topics related to cats and dogs
- Topics related to Jewelry (pearl jewelry, costume jewelry, etc)
- Chef Knives
- Security Labels / Holographic Labels

... and more topics to come.

This job opening is for on-going, long-term employment. The majority of tasks will involve writing and research but may also include other tasks to assist in developing article ideas and so on.

Applicants need to have an established writing background and a strong command of the English language. Writers should be able to write in different styles such as persuasive articles, creative articles, semi-technical articles and so on. Please have samples ready when applying.

Skills: english, marketing, research, design