XML Expert


Job Description

Who we are?
We are a web development and SEO company seeking for an XML expert who is strong minded, persuasive to join our expanding and dynamic company. ONLY CONTRACTORS who have explicit knowledge and experience in XML will be selected for this job. If you do not meet this required competence, please do not apply for this job.
We are looking for a contractors that has the following skills:
1. Strong XML Expertise.
2. Exceptional attention to detail.
3. Fluent in English both written and spoken.
4. Strong Research Capability
5. Ability to work on your own.

First assignment
We should automatically recieve an XML file every time a job vacancy enters our Database. The XML files should automatically be transferred to several of our partner companies so they can be indexed into search engines. it is important that we can follow the process internally and that we can evaluate the number of clicks. All job vacancies are anonymous. If visitors click any job vacancy on a partner site they are redirected to the appropriate site page.

What we offer?
A challenging job with growth potential, responsibility and high earnings. We pay a fixed amount depending on the number of xml files being delivered and a fixed-price payment for a trial job if that trial leads us to hire you.

How to qualify?
Please include you are a human not a computer and “I am the xml expert you are looking for” in the first lines of your bid
Show us who you are. As we need verifiable identification please motivate
1. why you want to work for us, what you can contribute and what you expect from us.
2. please provide samples of your previous works related to our job posting.
3. what's your time availability in terms of hours per week.
4. preferred working hours is mondays to fridays, 9am to 5pm Central European Time zone (CET). Do you anticipate any problems communicating in real time during these hours?
6. What questions do you have about the job posting?
7. Tell us your best hourly rate based on a long term partnership
8. Explain what site login you need in order to proceed on this job or don't you need any?

If we are convinced by your motivation, we will proceed to a trial job. If we are thrilled by your personality we will proceed to a brief Skype Video Interview. During a one-month fixed-price trial assignment, you should prove to us that we should give you the position at the job’s hourly rate.

Skills: english