Remote Use of MS-DOS 6.20

Remote Use of MS-DOS 6.20


Job Description

I have some machines that run MS-DOS 6.20, and I have them setup to use MSCLIENT v3.0 which allow them to connect to the network and map drives from our freebsd servers (ie they are clients). I need a way to remotely use these computers. I run only one program from the computer. I figure there is some way to pull together some pre-existing freeware, but I just don't have the time. I'll need the software, and the instructions to implement. I can get / provide just about any information from the computers. I don't have any idea how much this would cost, and will have to run quotes / proposals past others before proceeding.

Computer: Compaq Prolinea 4/33s
Network Card: Etherlink III

Clients: mixed windows / linux / unix, take your pick.

Skills: ms-dos, linux, unix