Assistant For Chemistry Course

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

I'm an enthusiastic student with a lot of goals and I need someone to help me accomplish them!

I'm looking for a Virtual Assistant to assist with me with day to day assignments related to a course in General Chemistry. Specifically, I'd need help with:

-Researching the web for podcast, videos, and any information that may provide me with some help to better understand various topics ranging from chemical kinetics and acids & bases, to electrochemistry, thermodynamics, and introductory organic chemistry.

-Assisting me in the preparation, proof reading, editing, and writing of lab reports and research papers (data taken from experiments will be provided)

-Providing explanation in any subjects I may have trouble understanding.

Requirements for this include being:
-proficient in the English language
-impeccable writing skills
-Profound understanding of the field of Chemistry & and the ability to clearly explain difficult concepts
-strong communication skills
-A very good attention to detail
-MEETING STRICT DEADLINES A MUST!! (this is an intensive 4 week course)