$500 Customize a Videohive Production and Logo for a YouTube Cooking Video Package

$500 Customize a Videohive Production and Logo for a YouTube Cooking Video Package


Job Description

We need a creative motion broadcast designer competent in 10s motion-graphic intro productions and familiar with Videohive. We want you to manipulate a Adobe After-effects post production work from Videohive to include our branding and logo and convert it to Sony Vegas. As most of the work is in post there is a lot of scope for creativity and innovation in this project and we are welcome to unique conceptual ideas of how it could be produced.

Here is the Video:

1) Logo touch up - provide three distinct options to chose one from
2)11 second intro
3) 6 second intro

** Note: video clip at 1-4 sec, 27-31 sec, and 1:12 are good intro start ideas**

Touch Up/Customizing :
-Work already done needs to be customized with our logo
1) Recipe Board-editable (@ 55 seconds)
2) Hint Board (@ 52 seconds)
3) (2) transitions with logo touched up (@ 43 and at 45 seconds)
4) BG loop ending (@ 1:08)
5) Lower Third - (@ 38-40 seconds)
6) Video Closer
This is a similar idea we want for the ending off the videos
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwNMvUXTgDY 8:25
7) Audio
-It should include dynamic sound effects such as a tossing food in
a sizzling frying pan sounds...etc with an underlining busy/upbeat
music in the background.

You receive the logo in a (PNG) format
The $75 for extend licencing on Videohive is included in the fixed price.

Please respond with a cover letter that explains:
1. Your previous experience in this field with at least 2-3 real examples of
your work.
2. How you intend to approach the job, setting out exactly the steps you
will take including initial ideas for concepts.
3. The time you estimate it will take you to complete the 3 concepts and
first edit.

Candidates who fail to address all of these points in their application will not be considered for this job.

Good Luck and we hope to be working with you soon!

Contractual Requirements:
1. Design and create a three distinct logo touch-ups
2. Bring to life the agreed graphics/animation intro with provided logo
3. Incorporate appropriate sound effects/music
4. Export the final production into usable formats so it can be easily edited into the beginning of the video projects
5. All work deemed acceptable and paid for is passed over to the ownership of HowtoCook
(Trademark and registered copyright in process)
6. Confirm all elements of the design/creation of project are legally obtained and produced with no copyright infringements or pirating

Free-lancer Requirements:
- Must have proven advanced experience in motion graphics/animation production
- Creative thinker with the ability to produce new concepts upon request
- Has access to the professional technical equipment necessary to complete the project
- Good communication and able to respond quickly in making necessary changes/amendments
- Can offer expert opinion and direction on the project with a good understanding of its aims
- Can provide an initial edit within a 10 days and a final edit within similar time frames following feedback from us and our partners
- Understands clearly the value of this project in terms of generating publicity and creating attention for our organisation and website
-Provide Ongoing technical support for their products produced and offered for this project

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