.NET 4.x Windows Service to Monitor for new Files and Post to REST service

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

I have an urgent project that I need to have completed by EOD on Wednesday. This project should be very simple.

You need to monitor a folder that is defined in the app.config for new files using the System.IO.FileSystemWatcher class. When a new file is placed into the folder, you need to read it's contents. It will be an XML file. You will post the contents of the XML file to a REST service which also requires a username and password be passed as a header.

You will then log the post to a text log file (incremented by date), if the REST is not reachable or returns an error, you need to add the file to a queue folder, and then attempt to resend it at an interval defined in the app.config.

This should include a full install so that the service can be installed on any PC from a single file download. It should also include a basic WinForms app that allows the user to manage the app.config configuration settings without having to physically edit the app.config file in notepad or other editor.

That's basically it. I would guess 4 hours for someone skilled, up to 8 if you aren't.

Skills: .net, winforms