Musical Chord Charting required (Long Term Projects)

Musical Chord Charting required (Long Term Projects)


Job Description

We require someone that can quickly, accurately and efficiently transcribe Chord Charts of various musical tracks that we provide them, in a way which a live band can easily follow.

The chord charts must be delivered in Sibelius format, so that we can easily transcribe them into different keys if required.

The chord charts must be compact, and easy to follow. We need to keep the number of pages required for each song to a minimum, whilst still making it readable for the performer.

The chord charts must include:
- Title of the Song
- Artist of the song
- The key which the song is written in
- The Time Signature of the song

Ideally the chords should sit 'within' the bars, rather than above, and ideally there would be no staffs within the bars, in order that we can clearly see the chords written. However if this is not possible to do within Sibelius, or if it will take a lot of time to set up each time, then instead we can have the chords written above the Staffs as is default in Sibelius.

- the name of the section of the song in the left hand column (Verse, Chorus, Pre chorus etc)
- Bars to denote the length of each song section
- Each section should be written on a new line.

We do not require:
- Any 'chord diagrams'
- the Tempo of the track

Key Information:
- Never write 'flat' or 'Sharp' instead use the correct symbols.
- this symbol '%' means repeat the chord in the last bar
- Where it is relevant to do so, please use repeat lines to save having to write out the same chord progression again.

Some of our tracks will not include the lead vocals, which will make working out the structure slightly more difficult.

All Chord charts must be accurate.

In order to apply, as a test, please complete the following three tracks, and let me know how long it took you to complete:

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