Unity Multi-player word game

Unity Multi-player word game


Job Description

This game is a multi-player word game. The game needs a dictionary of words. You must know unity. You must know javascript, c#, PHP/MySQL server. You must know how to make multi- player word games.

some more details:

first of all we will need a dictionary of words;
- what does talk to a ghost mean; we are assuming that each user can see all the players and a player is marked a ghost with a small ghostly avatar. if you tap on that user then you get a strike and that user enters back into the game;
- we suggest to make this a turn based game, with a little more time for response, 30 seconds is too little. The host can setup the time to response and we suggest a minute, 5 minute and 15 minutes;
- we an also add a kick the player option if a player is not responding or responding late.
- we also recommend Unity 3D so that we can deliver the game for multiple platforms; Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad);
- the multiplayer will be cross platform, this means that you can play with users that have different devices; this will be accomplished using a PHP/MySQL server the server will store the list of friends (you can only play with your friends, the current games you play; you can play more than one game at a time; and the players for each game;)

So, I know you read this, use Milk Man when you respond to this ad.

Skills: ipad, games