Strategic alliance coordinator


Job Description

Seeking the proper team to launch

S,I,M,PaaS Smart Cloud

(Software, Infrastructure, Mobile, Platform as a Service)

Advertising on a Smarter Mobile Cloud requires A smarter Mobile solution. SIMPaaS will set the standard in Mobile Cloud advertising with our interactive user friendly content rich mobile solutions. SIMPaaS patented software was designed with a focus on the end user and simplicity of use.

SIMPaaS simplistic user friendly approach for a (true) mobile advertising solution and is key for our mobile interactive Cloud Platform. Our Smart Cloud SIMPaaS service requires no typing to navigate, responds to voice commands and instantly notifies the customer when an ad is placed matching the customer requirements saving valuable time. This is a unbeatable combination

Many company’s large and small claim their software works on Any Device, Any Time, Any Place but it is just not true!

SIMPaaS works on all wireless devices that have web access requires no app’s and is not limited to smart phones or feature phones. Our patented Software is user friendly, has exceptionally fast response times to a specific ad in (less than 3 seconds) with 100% accuracy. Additionally our software also targets the users area of interest with commmercial advertising offers in that particular area of interest with 100%.accuracy.

SIMPaaS works well on ALL wireless devices including small screen cell phones, Smart Phones, feature Phones and tablets alike. We have the mobile solution right now. SIMPaaS will set the standard like no other.