Technical Assistant

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Job Description

I am a small business owner who is fairly savvy technically but there are times that I want another set of eyes on a project or feedback on items that I am learning about and don't know the answers to. Someone I can ask their opinion of software, projects and/or what is the best way to tackle a project.

For example: I am working with optomizepress for creating landing pages, adding videos and downloadable reports, and I need to install my own auto responder (not one of their integrations) and it mentions to use dreamweaver to work with the code. I am not versed on Dreamweaver. I'd love someone's feedback and expertise to help.

I am fairly new to wordpress and I have some questions.

I am also working with AmazonS3 and I have a few questions.

Honestly, I need someone with a medium technical base that I can ask questions of and maybe even hand off some projects as I am building my business but it will be on an as needed basis. VERY light work..probably more for advise and discussing projects.

Skills: ebusiness-consulting