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Anwar Hussain is Sabina's grandfather. He is a very active person. He tells good stories and is a good friend to his grandchildren. He is very helpful and does many things for the family. He helps his son, Mohammad Ali, in the fields. He also goes fishing almost everyday with his net or rod line. Every 'hat' day, he goes shopping too.
One day Sabina went shopping with her friend Salma. Then she returned home and saw her grandfather with Hasan in the vegetable garden. They were digging the soin together. Sabina stood and looked at him.
B. Take it in turns to ask and answer the questions:
1. Anwar Hussain does many things. Name four of them
2. How does he help his son?
3. How did he help Hasan one day?
4. How often does anwar Hussain go fising?

C. Read the following sentences and say which form the verbs are in, i,e. present, past or fuuture

Skills: microsoft-office