BGP Routeviews simple binary file parsing/ internet hop lookup

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Job Description


Seeking to get a .txt output file of all paths, including all IP hops, between all nodes in the Tor network of @9,000 IPs.

Seeking to use BGP Routeviews datasets to create estimated paths with all hops (IPs).

If Routeviews does not have IP-to-IP path info, then AS-to_IP path info will have to do.


1) provide script to read any recent BGP Routeviews (binary .RIB files)

Delivarable: 1 script and 1 .rib output file in readable form, ie.e .txt

2) Using an input file of IPs and/or ASes for @ 5000 Tor relays,

Use .rib file data to lookup all hops on the resulting (shortest, presumably, but whatever) path between all relays.

Return a .txt file of all hops on all paths

for example, if the first IP in the file is and the rest are,,...

find the AS that is in, using geoiplookup for example, say it is AS1

then use any starting point in AS1 and run through all destination IPs in the file and save the output of all hops, i.e.

From: or x.x.x.x in AS1
Paths: x.x.x.x, y.y.y.y, z.z.z.z,
From: or s.s.s.s in AS that is in
Paths &tc

Use any BGP Routeviews starting point that is in the AS that the requested IP is in and

generate or find a path to each IP in the file