Software Research

Software Research


Job Description

We are looking for an individual to conduct research and then prepare a 2500 - 3000 word report supported by a Powerpoint presentation on software products - Specifically the Bluetooth and Smart Device Operating systems that utilise Bluetooth.

Contractor attributes:
Write English at a college/University level
Compile research paper
Expert level with Bluetooth
Expert level with Smart Device Operating Systems (General concepts but must have a solid work experience in at least one Smart Device OS)

Quick research work and good dollars for the right person. If you are chosen, then we expect that the key research question should take no more then 6 hours to research and then compile that information into the required reporting platforms.

This could be beneficial to someone in between tasks or projects. This research will also give you an opportunity to look at areas you may have not looked at in a while, great recap opportunity ... and get paid for it as well.

Contractor must have supporting evidence of attributes described above for interview.

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