Android Game like Paper-Toss

Android Game like Paper-Toss


Job Description

Hi there
I plan to develop a game similar to paper toss.

Exactly the same game play and same logic, but instead of throwing a paper, I want do it with "spitting".
So a "back of the head" will be visible (instead of the white paper in paper toss). And it will make a small movement when spitting.

The spit will move according the wind speed like in this paper toss game.

The background, office, saloon, restroom, basement etc it's up to you. You can use any graphics. (I prefer that it's not complicated).
I'd like to have 2-3 different backgrounds.

Graphics should be very good and professional. Please prepare your portfolio before applying.

We should agree on the hours before we make the deal. Please let me know the exact amount of hours that you think you can finish.

My other requirements (All of them optional, I can give up any of them if it makes the job harder) are:

-Global Leaderboard. Preferably scoreloop or heyzap. Or any of your recommendation is fine too.
-Ability to implement TapJoy and their virtual currency.
-In App billing for some extras. (Probably some extra shot or extra background)
-Two ad networks: Inner-Active and Chartboost would be good.
-Pop up notifications that I can manage. See here I think it'S 5 minutes of integration (Integration here:

Skills: graphics, billing