Creative Amazon Product Descriptions

Creative Amazon Product Descriptions


Job Description

We are a globally recognized knife company that specializes in kitchen cutlery among other categories. Our knives have mostly been used in the commercial world (restaurant, butchers and slaughterhouses). Over the last 6-7 years, we've expanded into retail stores including e-tailers like We have several products on upwards of 300 unique products. The challenge is that the copy needs to be updated on most items to capture the home chef as a customer, not just the professional chef who knows our knives from culinary school or their restaurant work.

I am looking for a person to rewrite our product descriptions and bullet points for our amazon pages. My requirements:

*English must be your first language. No grammer or spelling errors.
*You must be professional
*Cutlery knowledge is key. You will need to do a lot of research on the knives and other products on your own to create the copy. You may use what we already have on amazon, but it must be spiced up. Ideally though, I'm looking for someone with a fresh approach.
*Must understand the amazon customer and how they search for a product
* Must be able to work quickly, independently and keep deadlines
*Pay is negotiable based on experience, quality and creativity of descriptions, and timeliness of work.

Please submit your cost on either an hourly basis or sku basis. Some skus may use the same description. For example, if we have a Chef's Knife available in 6", 8", 10" and 12", the description would be the same essentially for all four skus. In this case, you would only get paid one description because it is shared on the same amazon page.

After reviewing resumes, I'd like to test a handful of people using the same sku. The person with the best new description, we will talk to about hiring you on as a freelancer to write sales copy for amazon. In addition, there may be other opportunities to write copy for future sales sheets and packaging. But we would start with amazon and see how we work together first.

Skills: amazon, research, test, marketing, english