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Job Description

I'm developing / designing a unique website to track prices for products. I'm looking for someone to help facilitate the programming of the site. Skills needed are:

HTML5, PHP, MYSQL, CSS3, cron and 2nd grade math skills. I can provide greater detail of the project and what I would like to have happen.

One of the key parts to this project involves a scrolling marquee that is found on the bottom of webpage, fixed position and is displays dynamic information very similar to a stock ticker.

I'm also very interested in the new page technologies brilliantly displayed at how it appears as though the site doesn't change like a traditional website. I am flexible on this though.

The other key component is security very similar to how banking websites function these days. Username/Password, email a security key are necessary. I also need some intelligence involved, more details can be provided with it.

It should take less than a days work to get the basics completed and the site can grow from there. Very flexible on design and everything.

Skills: finance, gaming, design