Diagram / note transcription

Diagram / note transcription


Job Description

I have some notes that I need transcribed. The notes include prose text, diagrams, and flowcharts. You can view a sample image in the attachment.

You must include the phrase "A note a day keeps the doctor away" or else your application will be rejected.

I need these images transcribed with a graphical tool like Microsoft Visio or Omnigroup Omnigraffle. For each page, you will e-mail the Omnigraffle / Visio file as well as a PNG export to an e-mail address with a special format. I have about five images per day that I need to transcribe on an ongoing basis.

You must have a strong command of written English and be able to transcribe my very poor handwriting. You must be able to follow written instructions for coding my notes. You do not need any industry-specific knowledge about the subject matter.

Skills: english

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