Materials Science Technical Support Needed for Futuristic Company

Materials Science Technical Support Needed for Futuristic Company


Job Description

Aerogel Technologies ( is a fast-moving early-stage materials manufacturing company located in Boston, MA. We manufacture ultralight, multifunctional materials for use in aerospace, automotive, construction, consumer electronics, and scientific applications and sells directly to individuals, companies, and research laboratories around the world. Our materials are known for being the world's lightest solids and world's best insulating solids, and have great potential to change the world for the better.

We are seeking someone to handle customer service that is currently overwhelming our technical staff. This position can be done from a remote location and the number of hours per week will vary.

In this position, you will be responsible for:
- Understanding the properties, use, and applications of our products
- Responding to customer service inquiries via email, phone, and social media in a timely fashion
- Relaying relevant information to company team members
- Organizing and maintaining records of customer service inquiries
- Sending quotes and invoices to customers
- Processing payments, providing tracking information, and looking up orders
- Facilitating pricing and terms for custom solutions projects
- Coordinating with team members and participating in discussions about customer inquiries

This position will require getting up to speed with the technical aspects of our products and needs a background in chemistry, materials science, and/or physics. Clear, correct information is very important for our customers and an important asset of our business's value proposition.

On a daily basis, the work would entail logging into our customer support ticket system and replying to customer service inquiries, calling company team members to get information not on hand, and calling customers back with information they are requesting. Some inquiries may be too involved to take on and would be handled by scheduling a time for a customer and a company team member to talk. This position will be responsible for scheduling those conversations and making sure the calls happen.