Redo powerpoint graphic of web app + workflow

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Job Description

Please help me turn a confusing powerpoint slide into something that we can show to clients.

We're trying to describe a typical web / database app with some workflow. I would like to replace the ppt shapes with appropriate Visio stencils (or equivalent vector graphics).

The delivered file must be editable (Visio, Powerpoint, Axure, Illustrator or editable PNG / SVG).

Powerpoint file attached.

"MCA Database" box = database

All blue boxes on left site with the word "table" are database tables inside MCA Database. Either use a large database stencil or a rounded rectangle with the text items.

Replace the 2 orange boxes ("MCA Administrator" and "MCA Portal") with web page stencil.

Remove all the extra arrows. Replace straight arrows with curved ... thick enough to be seen in a conference room.

Purple boxes are workflow. Replace the straight arrows on the workflow with curved arrows.

Dark text on light background in all boxes (typical sky-blue -> white gradient background or similar)

Please include 1-2 samples of similar web app/workflow slides you've done in your proposal.

Excellent English skills preferred :).

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