Expression engine developer

Expression engine developer


Job Description

This position will primarily entail the updating of, and ongoing maintenance work on an expression engine site for one of our clients. There will be both small incremental changes to templates and potentially larger changes to the underlying structure of the site. Depending on compatibility and availability we may also get you involved with other agency projects during or after this initial stretch.

Experience with ExpressionEngine is a must. Familiarity with, or willingness to learn Git is also required. Added pluses if you have experience with Wordpress or Craft (The other primary CMSes which we work with), are particularly adept with PHP or SQL, like LESS or are familiar with BaseCamp, or Toggl (tools we use).

This job has the opportunity to ramp up quickly if we work well together.

Please respond in a way that shows us that you've read the job description: Addressing some of the job requirements -- even to tell us that you don't currently possess the listed skill -- is a good way to indicate this.