Converting large, segmented ColdFusion Intranet to PHP and ongoing development

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

we have a ColdFusion-based intranet which was written in 2003, then continually added through 2014. it manages all aspects of our company, which is a United-States CLEC - we offer telephone and internet services to businesses.

The entire ColdFusion site needs to be re-written (Ported) to PHP so that development projects can be done with easier-to-find developers.

we also will need ongoing changes in ColdFusion for maintenance and small upgrades in functionality while we convert to PHP.

some area will never convert from ColdFusion, so a resource we learn about here can be used on an on-going basis for upgrades.

I've included a screenshot showing how simple our stuff is.

you'll be working on the phone collaboratively with someone until we get it right.

must have EXCELLENT English skills.

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