Office 365 Integration

Office 365 Integration


Job Description


I need to implement custom SharePoint web parts that shall perform an integration with Office 365 based on the logged in user on SharePoint through the following:

1. Synchronize mailbox into the web part in order to display emails. Provide the ability to read an email, open it in full window, reply, forward, and download attachments. Moreover, user should be able to create a new email, manage his/her folders internally (user isn't needed to log in to O365 account to perform any function.

2. Synchronize calendar, display events on a calendar within the web part. Allow adding, editing, or deleting events from the web part and reflecting them to the O365 calendar (only integration actions needed, work on calendar and style here isn't required).

3. Synchronize SkyDrive, display my folders, documents, and documents shared with me. Allow creating folders, adding, and downloading files.


a) Each SharePoint user will have an Office 365 account.
b) SSO is required. User logged in to SharePoint isn't expected to provide any credentials to access the O365 account details within the web part. A mapping table could be created.