Water filter installer

Water filter installer


Job Description

Who we are and what we do?
iSpring Water Systems is a leading water filter manufacturer. Our Reverse Osmosis water filters are the top seller on Amazon. They have earned excellent customer reviews. Search “reverse osmosis” on Amazon you will see iSpring products on the top. Reverse osmosis is the same process water bottle factory utilizes. YouTube has nice videos explaining how the process works.

What is this job about?
Recently we launch the “iSpring Hassle Free” service plan, which provides installation and cartridge replacement service along with the products. Customer purchases product with an option to add the service plan. Upon customer receives the product, the installer in the area will be contacted for installation schedule. If customer also signs up for Cartridge Replacement Schedule, the installer will be reminded by email or phone. To learn how easy it is to install our filter system, please search “ispring reverse osmosis” on YouTube.com. Documentation and personal consultation are also available. With some experience, most installation can be done within 30 - 60 minutes. Sometimes a ½” hole has to be drilled thru kitchen counter.

Work hours and pay rate?
Work hours are flexible. It is up to you to work out schedule with customer. Good service deserves good customer feedback and more work orders. Each installer tends to service nearby area to minimize driving time. Installer will be paid $50 for a regular installation, $70 if drilling hole on counter is necessary, $100 or more for irregular installation such as installing under floor. $20 for replacing filter cartridge. The installer will also get paid by helping resolve problems caused by other installers.

What’s required for the job?
A car, a smart phone, a power drill, a ¼” drill bit, a ½” diamond bit,a screw driver, a towel, a basket, a flashlight, some experience in plumbing, excellent customer service skill. Background check and drug test. High school diploma.

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