Statistical Analysis of an Experiment

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Job Description

I will send the excel file. It includes all the data of wistar rats, that were recorded with electroretinography.
The excel is attached.

There are 12 recordings of a mean of 21 rats. The diabetic rats tend to get a lower values with time, because they have retinopathy. At the end of the study we give into one eye of rats a treatment method and for two more times we have records of that eyes.

I need the statistical analysis of the excel file in SPSS or any other software. I would appreciate the explanation of the statistical analysis results.

I also need the results with figures, completed in powerpoint so that I can edit and use them for the journal.

Additional bonus would be payed for the following:

The data are the values of ERG waves. uV sign in excel indicates the amplitude of a wave, and the ms is the latency. An example of ERG is attached.

I need the draw the mean wave of all rats. Is there any way to draw mean waves, which seems good enough for an ophthalmology journal?


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