Excel quote sheet


Job Description

* EXCELLENT excel formula skills
* EXCELLENT communication skills
* EXCELLENT UI / Print layout skills
* GOOD Mathematical / formula skills
* Read entire description

I have a excel book / sheets that I use for creating custom hardware/software, services quote for clients.

I need someone that is good in excel and excel formulas + good at GUI for improving the input sheet and print page.

I also require the applicant to have good mathematical skills in relation to formulas etc.
Based around markup calculations (percentages, and sum variations)

You need to be available in the time frame of 10am - 10pm (+9:30), and we can communicate over skype.

This is for my micro-business (just me) that wants to improve my quoting system, and improve time to complete quotes, with the outcome of a near accurate good looking quote.

I do not do 1000's of quotes a year, and there are not any specifics in this quote system other than:
- hardware, software and services.

There is probably up to a maximum of a dozen formulas in this excel book, and a majority of them are basic.

My excel book consists of:
- customer info sheet - customers details
- input sheet, where i fill in part details, costs, rrps, qty etc
- calculations sheet (any pre-populated lists)'
- Printable sheet (printable quote sheet)

Please apply with how this job suites you, and how you have the above skills for this position. Please start your application with 'technology' on the first line otherwise you will be declined for not having all requirements.

The fixed price quote will be to provide:
- review
- rework my excel book
- paid on completion.

Maybe even provide me with a solution that will work better than my current excel book method.
My current new systems that I use include: Zoho CRM, Zoho Creator, Zoho Books, Google Apps.
If you can provide me with a faster, better way of doing this, please let me know.

Skills: english, mathematics