Virtual Assistant - Mailing List Manager


Job Description

I have an e-mail list which offers weekly creative design tips in web design, graphic design, creative writing, mobile app design, and budget event marketing to people with limited knowledge in the creative services area.

There are two things that I need to do with this: 1.) I need to build up the list, since it's fairly new. 2.) I need a virtual assistant to write the content and send the mailings through an e-mail subscriber list tool.

This virtual assistant will have knowledge in and a high interest in web and graphic design and development, creative writing (press releases, article writing, website content, makreting copy, etc), and low-budget event marketing and not only be able to grab content or information from the web about those items, but discuss their pros and cons, industry trends, and so on. Essentially, you want to give people something that's very good, but lead them to preferring that my company to do the design or writing or marketing project instead of going for it on their own. There are articles that will be published in Squidoo, EZ Articles, Technorati, and other locations to integrate into the mailing list message.

When the mailing list message is set to go out, you will be able to write a brief subject line that grabs attention, an offer the customers surely can’t refuse, and check and double-check, fix and tweak, and checked again before sending out the message.

To send out mailing list messages, I utilize Mailchimp. All campaigns should be sent out weekly on Mondays at 9am.

For this job, I have budgeted 3 -5 hours a week. Please bid accordingly.

I am looking to get started with this next week. To begin the interview process, in your cover letter, please tell me how you would increase the number of subscribers within two weeks.

Thank you!