whmcs iOS (html5) application for domain name ordering

whmcs iOS (html5) application for domain name ordering


Job Description

Date Open: August 26th, 2013
Available timeframe: 30 days

Project: iOS Mobile APP – HTML5/CSS/JS + Homescreen icon + Apple Store Download

Company Background:

We are a domain name registration and web hosting company. We are currently using the WHMCS.com billing system to manage the business.

Most users visit the website and browse the products/services and and then place the order online. The user is then taken to the 5 step ordering which is done through the native functions of the whmcs billing system.
On the checkout page, the user reviews the order, the domain name and hosting packages in the shopping cart and proceeds with creating a profile and selecting a payment method.

All the backend tasks are 100% automated and done by whmcs.

The Project:

Create an iOS app, preferably with the use of html5/js/css that will serve as the “FRONT END” to the user and an interface of the ordering system optimized to be viewed on a mobile phone/tablet.

The project is more of creating a “special” skin/theme to whmcs that will look like a native iOS app and will have a separate icon on the iOS device home screen.

The Requirement:

-Create a skin/template for whmcs and install it onto the webserver
-The skin/template must look like a native iOS app in terms of the overall look and feel
-The app must have it’s own icon on the homescreen of the device, once opened the app will load all the content/graphics, etc from the webserver.
-We need to be able to publish this app in the Apple store.
-Similar skins are already available, example: http://whmcsdesigns.com/ only

-The primary requirement is that the actual website remains the same. The mobile skin/app can be only accessed through the icon on the homescreen of the user on the device.

-The app will have the same exact flow of ordering:
1. Choose a hosting plan + domain or only domain name
2. The whmcs will lookup and will present the price list and ordering options
3. The user adds the domain to the shopping cart and checks out.
4. The user is prompted with the login or create profile page and payment options.
5. The users places the order and the order is processed internally by whmcs.

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