Meeting Transcription

Meeting Transcription


Job Description

We want to be able to record our client meetings and send the resulting recording to an ODesk colleague for fast and accurate transcription into a word document. Whilst transcribing the meeting into Microsoft Word, we would also like a summary to be created and inserted at the bottom of the resulting word document which will list agreed action points and next steps for each party resulting from the meeting which we can then paste into an email.

The first files that we send out for transcription will be a trial to see how this new approach will work for us, but the plan is that we will be able to send recordings of all of our meetings for transcribing, which could be several files each week. The turnaround time will be important to us, so that we can confirm details to clients, so accuracy combined with rate of response is important. The quality and completeness of the document produced has to be extremely high to ensure that we can trust the result.

A non-disclosure agreement would be required as the information contained in the meetings is confidential.

I have listed the workload as part-time, as some weeks it may be at this level, whilst others it may be less.

I have listed the Estimated Duration as less than 1 month as this is a new way of working for us that we need to gain confidence in before we extend the opportunity beyond this point.