Market research by cold calling all hopitals in Australia

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

Project Description:
I need the help of a freelancer to do the following:
1) Make a list of all hospitals in Australia (many sources on the internet)
2) Call the hospital to identify the best contact person for the department I am interested in. (only one department, and this department may not exist in the smaller hospitals)
3) Call the contact and run through a list of 5 questions that I will supply
4) Tabulate the results in an excel spreadsheet in a format supplied by me.

Please note that although there will be around 1400 hospitals, only a few will have the department I am interested in. You will need to call the hospitals between Monday and Friday only. The best time to speak to them is afternoons (Australian time) as that is when they are not so busy.

You will need to work through the list in the order of:
1) Capital cities
2) Major regional cities
3) All other hospitals

This research will need to be completed by the 1st of December.

Please submit a response stating your expertise and the resources you have available.

Thank you for reading.