Website/brand/market development

Website/brand/market development


Job Description

I am in the process of putting together three websites and need to get them up and running as soon as possible. The sites will be fairly straight forward sites with ~5 pages on each and heavily optimized to the target markets.

The ideal candidate for this job would be able to manage the project from start to finish and then grow into the full time VA for the sites, managing everything from growth and data mining to answering email and other basic front end services.

I will also be seeking a VA to source both manufacturing, design and engineering services in China and India for 2 App design projects and other small project manufacturing. Programming skills would be an asset as well as very high level data mining skills.
The candidate would also have good english speaking skills and be able to manage development of several web projects at one time.

This is our first time using this type of service and if it works the position will become full time employment for the selected candidate.

Skills: design, engineering, english