Algorithm and website development (VERY specific tech req.)


Job Description

Here are the specific tech requirements:

    1) Python 2.7 and 3.3
    2) Django 1.5 or later
    3) uWSGI + Gevent
    4) Javascript with JQuery
    5) Knockout.js
    6) PostgreSQL
    7) Experience using Heroku

I'm launching a new website to compete with this:

Therefore, I'm planning to take the good ideas from biz2cedit and improve on them, making my website even better!

I have built a rough draft of a mock up in balsamiq and will be sharing with you before I hire you (you have to sign NDA).

The entire goal is to create a website that has the similar algorithm as except the look and feel of the website will be much more user friendly, much like TurboTax (check it out if you don't know what it is). The interface should feel more like a tutorial/video game to the user.

YOUR FIRST TASK: go to and pretend that you're a user (borrower) and fill out some fake info to pretend to borrow some money, get a firm understanding of the interface, then determine if you will be able to replicate similar algorithm.

I will provide the logic behind the algorithm in details, also a mock up in balsamiq.

YOUR SECOND TASK: In your response, show me some links of your previous relevant works for each language requirement I listed above. Then provide some sample codes for some of these websites (especially for Python). Lastly, provide your CV.

Write "997" on the first line of your response so I know you actually read this. Thank you!